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THE MEDALLION Release — Coming December 3

The Medallion Release Is Coming

Flash! The Medallion, my next novel of historical fiction, is being released in three weeks—on December 3.

It’s the sequel to The Bonfires of Beltane, but it’s also a stand-alone book. If you’ve never read the first one, you should be able to follow what goes on in this book without difficulty. It’s a story of high adventure, perseverance in the face of evil, and, of course, love. Set in ancient, Celtic Ireland and Gaul, I’m hoping you’ll find it a page-turner.

Here’s the cover:

The Plot

Here’s a short description of what goes on inside:

Everyone knows that Ty’s sister fell off the cliffs and drowned. But a powerful compulsion—is it God?—drives him to search for her in barbarian Gaul. When Ty and his father visit the Ulster King in ancient, Celtic Ireland, Ty and his new friend, Prince Cairell, flee for the coast at midnight. But Cairell’s mysterious sister, Sorca, refuses to be left behind. Why is Ty so deeply attracted to her? Cairell’s brother pursues, planning to kill them all and secure his inheritance to Ulster’s throne.

Meanwhile, Ty’s father, Taran, returns to his island home where the druids again sacrifice to the old gods. Too old now to help, Taran knows that only Ty can save the clan. But the years pass. And where is Ty?

Ahead wait the armies of Clovis, king of the Franks, as he drives the Romans from Gaul. Beyond lies the kingdom of Burgundy, where evil Prince Gundobad plots to overthrow his brother, King Chilperic.

How, within such chaos, can Ty ever find his sister? Will he return home in time to prevent the druids from destroying his clan? Can he ever find love in Cairell’s independent-minded sister?

Available For Pre-Order Now

You can pre-order the book here: https://www.amazon.com/Medallion-Mark-Fisher/dp/1946016683

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Mark E. Fisher’s Next Historical Book — The Medallion

Mark E. Fisher’s Next Historical — The Medallion

Mark E. Fisher announces his next book of Christian historical fiction, The Medallion, due in December 2018.

This week, I’m happy to announce that I signed a contract with Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas, Heritage Beacon Imprint, for my next book of Christian historical fiction. It’s The Medallion, and it follows the son of the protagonist from my first book, The Bonfires of Beltane. Projected publication date: December 2018.

Here’s the teaser:

Only Ty can save his clan from the druids rising again on his island home. But something—is it God?—calls him to distant Gaul to look for a sister whom everyone knows is dead. He believes she’s alive, and he’s driven to find her. But who then will save his clan?



“The Scepter and Tower” Fantasy Trilogy

The editing/publication process does take time. While my historical novel wends its way through final editing, formatting, getting a cover, etc…, I’m working on my Christian fantasy trilogy. I’ve decided to self-publish “The Scepter and Tower” series. The first two books are written, and I’m seventy pages into the third. When will I release these? I don’t know. Whenever they don’t interfere with my historical fiction release, I suppose.

Am I crazy for wanting to write in two different genres? You tell me. But I love them both.

A Call for Fantasy Readers

If you are an avid reader of fantasy and would like to become a beta-reader for the first fantasy book in the series, The Scepter, please use my contact page and send me a request. I’ll put you on the list. But if you want to do this, I will also ask youalthough it’s not requiredif you could please post a review on Amazon when the first book, The Scepter, is released. Books live or die on the number of positive reviews they receive.

In any event, that’s what’s happening in the life of your author. By the way, lately he’s also been writing books, not adding to his stable of posts.

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