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The Stolen Scroll, Prequel to The Scepter and Tower Trilogy

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Just Released—The Scepter and Tower Trilogy, Boxed Set

The Scepter and Tower Trilogy—Now Available In A Boxed Set

Just released on January 24 are all three novels of The Scepter and Tower Trilogy by Mark E. Fisher in one package. The eBook contains books 1-3:

  1. Quest For The Scepter
  2. Into The Druid’s Lair
  3. Return To The Tower

This packaged boxed set contains all three novels of the fantasy trilogy for one low price—$4.99.

The Scepter and Tower Trilogy, Boxed Set

This is high-adventure, epic high fantasy for adults and young adults.

Click here or on the picture above for a link to the book on Amazon.

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Return To The Tower Has Been Released!

Return To The Tower Has Been Released!

The final book in my Scepter and Tower, epic high fantasy trilogy, Return To The Tower, was released today in both Kindle and paperback formats.

Here’s a short description of the story:

Having stolen Elyon’s second great gift, Tristan finds himself thousands of leagues from home, on the rumbling slopes of Drochcarn, in the land of the druids. To end the Deamhan Lord’s dark reign he must return the Scepter and the Augury to the Tower of Dochás. But ahead lie ancient horrors, enemy-occupied lands, and Faolukan’s ruthless ally—Gundovald, the Butcher of Burgundia. It’s a race to reach Ériu before Faolukan the arch druid arrives with his fleet of mesmerized soldiers and shapeshifters. Faolukan and the Deamhan Lord’s goal? To crush Ériu and its people once and for all.

If you haven’t yet started this series, you won’t be disappointed. My favorite fantasy series of all time was The Lord Of The Rings, and I tried to bring to this series the same tone and sense of high stakes adventure, with fast action, plot twists, and a dash of romance. Click here for the first book in the series, Quest For The Scepter. Click here or on the book cover above, for Return To The Tower, the last book in the series.

And here’s a plea from a new author in the fantasy genre: If you  liked one of these books, please write a review on Amazon. The number and quality of reviews are critically important to an author’s success. Posting a review will help me continue to write more such books. Thank you.