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Just Released—The Scepter and Tower Trilogy, Boxed Set

The Scepter and Tower Trilogy—Now Available In A Boxed Set

Just released on January 24 are all three novels of The Scepter and Tower Trilogy by Mark E. Fisher in one package. The eBook contains books 1-3:

  1. Quest For The Scepter
  2. Into The Druid’s Lair
  3. Return To The Tower

This packaged boxed set contains all three novels of the fantasy trilogy for one low price—$4.99.

The Scepter and Tower Trilogy, Boxed Set

This is high-adventure, epic high fantasy for adults and young adults.

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Into The Druid’s Lair — Available For Pre-Order


It’s finally here. Both the eBook and the print version of Into The Druid’s Lair, the second installment in Mark E. Fisher’s the Scepter and Tower Trilogy, are now available for pre-order with a release date of July 29.


With the object of the first quest in his possession, Tristan, still posing as Prince Neil, leads the Company to seek the second great gift that will lift the darkness from the Celtic world of Erde.

After their battle with the arch druid Faolukan, the Company seeks respite in the high mountain refuge of Ard Cúl Dín. But when priests translate the scroll Tristan retrieved from Schwarzburg’s subterranean maze, they discover a secret lost for millennia—the nature of Elyon’s second legacy to the world.

Coveting the incredible power of Elyon’s first gift, the priests seize the Scepter. Days later, as trebuchets pound the high walls, Faolukan’s armies swarm the slopes below the refuge. With the city’s fall imminent, one priest steals the Scepter and flees into the mountains.


As enemy armies close in, Caitir, Tristan’s newly betrothed, Ewan, his squire, and Machar, the Cloaked Rider, join him to again seek the Scepter before they can undertake the second journey. Only when both of Elyon’s bequests to the world are secure in Ewhain Macha’s Tower will light and hope return to Ériu.

Blocking their way is an army of shapeshifters and soldiers mesmerized by the Deamhan Lord’s spells. Somewhere beyond the distant Sfarsit Mountains lies their goal—in dread Drochtar, a bleak land where Faolukan, the arch druid, reigns with magic and terror. In that foul realm, all serve the Deamhan Lord, a spirit of darkness whose presence strips even the bravest warrior of all courage and hope. Thus begins a second journey even more difficult than the first.


If all goes well, the third book in the series, Return To The Tower, is scheduled for pre-order on July 1, with a release date of September 30.

Order now! Written for both adults and young adults, the Scepter and Tower trilogy is an epic high-fantasy series you won’t want to miss.

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