Coming Soon:
Apocalypse Mission—A New Series of Christian End-Times Thrillers!

Below, please find an excerpt from the Preface of
Apocalypse Mission I: Chaos, War, and the Antichrist

As I write this in 2024, the shadow of the coming Tribulation falls ever darker, day by day, upon our planet, warning us that the end may not be far off. No one knows the day or the hour, and still, we wait for Jesus to take his people home.

Thus, I submit to the reader a new series on the same subject—Apocalypse Mission. One might consider it a companion to the Days of the Apocalypse series. It follows a new family with different characters, but the timeline of events follows that of the first series. And sometimes, characters from the second series will encounter those from the first.

Unlike its predecessor, Apocalypse Mission does not attempt to detail every end-times event outlined in Revelation. It will end around the Tribulation mid-point. It is unapologetically an adventure story, albeit one woven around biblical end-times events, with the same goal of alerting readers of what may soon occur. The reader will find that, before it branches off on its own, parts of the first book necessarily parallel the plot of The Day the End Began.

The series is based on this premise: What would happen if God chose an unbelieving family to leave behind after the Rapture? And what if he sent an angel to give them a book of prophecies with missions they must complete, all to further his will?

Please note that although this is fiction, it’s a tale woven around biblical end-times events. Just as in the first series, I will try to follow, as much as humanly possible, the events of Scripture.

The eBook for Apocalypse Mission I: Chaos, War, and the Antichrist will be available for pre-order on September 1, with a scheduled release date of October 1.