The Sun Shines Even In Winter — Now Available for Pre-order

Mark E. Fisher’s newest novel, The Sun Shines Even In Winter: A Novel of Invasion and Espionage in World War I, is now available for pre-order. Written before his Days of the Apocalypse series, this book tells the tale of a man caught in the German invasion of Belgium and France. Below are excerpts from the preface:

There is a mostly untold story about World War I. Most novels about the Great War focus on the horrors of trench warfare, and one cannot deny the monstrous nature of that part of the conflict. But few address the atrocities that the German invaders committed upon the unsuspecting peoples of Belgium and France. Neither do many describe what it was like for the civilian population as Prussian jackboots tromped through villages and cities, murdering some, taking hostages of others, demanding ransoms and bribes, looting and confiscating homes, and sending young men and women to work in their labor camp.

A second overlooked issue is this: The Teutonic mindset of the first global war was already laying the groundwork for the second.

Those are two reasons to write this book. Another is  that stories about ordinary people—or maybe not so ordinary—caught up in historical events beyond their control have always fascinated me.

Besides the untold tale of invasion, this is a spy novel, and in the early days of World War I, modern espionage was in its infancy. Both sides struggled to invent ways to spy on the other using technology only years removed from the horse and buggy.

This is also a story about the love between a man and a woman, interrupted by the misfortunes of war. . . .

Note that I wrote The Sun Shines Even in Winter for a general, not a Christian, audience. It is gritty, intense at times, but, like all my books, it’s clean.