Last Days of the End
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Book #5 completes Mark E. Fisher’s bestselling Days of the Apocalypse series of Christian end-times thrillers.

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Last Days of the End
(Days of the Apocalypse, Book 5)

Mark E. Fisher’s thrilling conclusion to the Days of the Apocalypse series of Christian end-times thrillers is now available for pre-order.

The Antichrist’s death zone surrounds Jerusalem leaving the Nazarene Friends trapped in their hideout. Even if they could leave, they don’t know the way to the Refuge.

Their only hope for escape lies with Ariel Geller. But he’s in prison, scheduled for a coming execution.

Baruch Abramovich could help, and he is somewhere in the city, but they don’t know where.

As the Jericho Faction continues their revolt, Davato’s anger seethes against Jews and Christians everywhere. He now prepares to eliminate them all in the War of Armageddon.

It’s the seventh terrible year of the Tribulation, after which Christ will come again in all his glory, end Satan’s reign of evil, and establish his kingdom on earth.

But how can anyone survive the final months of burning heat, total darkness, and invasion by the greatest army the world has ever seen?

Available in eBook and print formats. The audiobook will be coming in May.