Days of Trial and Tribulation
A Realm Award “Semifinalist”

I belong to Realm Makers, sometimes referred to as the Faith and Fantasy Alliance, and I have been attending their writers’ conferences each year, which are some of the best. It’s a group for writers of Christian science fiction, fantasy, suspense, and dystopian fiction. This year, I entered Days of Trial and Tribulation, the third book in my Days of the Apocalypse series of Christian end-times thrillers in the Realm Awards category of “Horror, Paranormal, and Supernatural” where it seemed to fit best. After all, when God is at work in the world, it’s indeed supernatural.

To my surprise, Days of Trial and Tribulation made the second round cut, along with seven others. In the next step, they will pick three finalists. So I suppose this means the book is a “semifinalist”, a lot easier to say than “made the second-round cut”.

Cross your fingers, and let’s see where it goes from here.