Days of Death and Darkness — Just Released!

Days of Death and Darkness, Mark E. Fisher’s fourth entry in his bestselling Days of the Apocalypse series of Christian end-times thrillers, was released on October 2. It is now available in both eBook and print.

Already on day 2, it has become the bestselling book in Amazon’s Christian futuristic fiction category and #2 in Christian fantasy. It is also the #1 new release in both categories.

The Back Cover Copy

As the squaddies close in, will Caleb and Tanya make the dangerous, cross-country journey to the Sanctuary?

Can Chelsea leave Palma de Mallorca and reunite with her brother Dylan in Switzerland?

Will Dylan ever reach Bettino at his family’s villa in Tuscany and find out what happened to Chelsea?

Will Baruch complete his mission of bringing Jews and Christians safely to the Refuge, far from the Antichrist’s grasp?

Can Ariel Geller continue his black-market operation, and will he ever accept Christ and save himself from the wrath to come?

How will Grady fare in New Babylon as the next trumpet and bowl judgments fall upon the earth?

Mark’s fourth novel in this gripping end-times series takes our characters through the fifth and sixth years of God’s wrath on an unrepentant, sinful world.

Who will survive, and who will endure?

In Other News . . .

Mark E. Fisher has been working on Last Days of the End, the fifth book in the series. It will be somewhat shorter in length, and as of this writing, he is about 70% finished with a first draft. It’s scheduled to be released in April 2024.