The Bonfires of Beltane, Second Edition:
Just Reissued

Extraordinary Tales Publishing has just reissued the eBook version of The Bonfires of Beltane: Following St. Patrick Across Ancient, Celtic Ireland, Mark E. Fisher’s first novel of Christian historical fiction. The print version is coming soon.

The Back Cover Copy:

Since before anyone can remember, Taran’s Celtic island people have sacrificed children to Crom Cruach, the dread sun god. His whole clan accepts this atrocity, yet in his heart he knows it’s wrong.

Now, Taran is about to be inducted into his clan’s circle of leaders. He promises Laurna, his betrothed, he’ll hide his doubts. But at the ceremony beside the bent idol of gold, he can’t help but question the druids’ rule. He blames the clan’s declining fortunes on Crom Cruach, calling it a demon.

Aghast, the druids order his banishment. Instead of a wedding with Laurna, he faces a tearful parting. As a storm darkens the horizon, Taran paddles his wee craft into a vast, raging sea. Thus begins Taran’s adventure in A.D. 432.

Beyond the sea lies ancient, Celtic Ireland. There wait the Roman evangelist, St. Patrick, and two kingdoms ruled by powerful kings and their druid advisors. It’s a proud land where tradition is everything and travel through the wild can mean slavery or death. The druids will stop at nothing to remain in power and prevent Patrick and his followers from changing their ancient ways.

Will Taran find the spiritual truth he desperately seeks? Can he escape wrathful kings and scheming druids? Will he ever be able to return home and rejoin his beloved Laurna?

Enjoy this first novel of Christian historical fiction, set in ancient, Celtic Ireland in A.D. 432.