Days of Trial and Tribulation
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Third in the Days of the Apocalypse Christian End-Times Series

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Mark E. Fisher’s bestselling series of Christian end-times thrillers continues with Days of Trial and Tribulation and more seat-gripping suspense. . . .

In New Babylon, as Chelsea fears to take the mark of the beast, her father warns she must embrace the city’s hedonistic atmosphere or face the consequences.

In Minnesota, a raging fire, fed by the Two Witnesses’ drought, threatens the life Caleb and Tanya have made for themselves in the Northwoods.

In Marseille, after fleeing the farm, Dylan and the Nazarene Friends are on the run from Truth Squads while Dylan despairs that René will ever begin the search for Margot.

In the German death camp, Margot works deep in the mines. But if her barracks doesn’t make its quota of ore—the guillotines await.

And in Jerusalem, the Antichrist consolidates his grip on the world and prepares to place the abomination of desolation in the Temple.

The world reels as the Tribulation midpoint approaches. With it comes the terrors of the first four trumpet judgments—Volcanic eruptions. Asteroids. Poisoned waters. And darkened skies.

Note: If you missed the beginning of this series, start with book #1, The Day the End Began.