Days of War and Famine Available Now!

Mark E. Fisher’ announces that Days of War and Famine,  the second in his series of Christian end-times thrillers, Days of the Apocalypse, is available now for pre-order at a discounted price.

The first book left our characters in a very bad place, indeed. Read the second book to find out if their lot improves.

Days of War and Famine Back Cover Copy

Mark E. Fisher’s best-selling series of Christian end-times thrillers, Days of the Apocalypse, continues with book #2 and more seat-gripping suspense. . . .

In Rome, when the Antichrist invites Chelsea to an intimate dinner, his promises of wealth, power, and prestige threaten to ensnare her.

In Paris, as Dylan, Margot, and Caleb flee from Unitum Imperium agents, they meet the French ex-spy who promises them refuge. But he warns they’ve been followed, their mutual American friend has disappeared, and he doesn’t trust them.

In Heaven, the second seal is opened, unleashing the rider on the red horse and planet-wide war.

In the South China Sea, a Jewish gunner’s mate on a nuclear-armed destroyer joins the US fleet as it intercepts a belligerent Chinese navy sailing for Taiwan.

And in Israel, the Antichrist waits for Russia and the Islamic nations to invade, beginning the Battle of Gog and Magog.

Ahead lies the third seal, and world-wide famine. Following that, the fourth and fifth seals bring death for one quarter of the world’s population and persecution for all who refuse to follow the beast.

Can anyone survive the trials to come without losing their life? Or their soul?

It Follows the Bible

Just as in The Day the End Began, Days of War and Famine closely follows the biblical prophesies revealed to us in the books of Revelation, Joel, Ezekiel, Daniel, and others.

Scheduled Release Date?

October 3, 2022