Just Released — The Stolen Scroll

Just released! The Stolen Scroll, a novella prequel to the Scepter and Tower Trilogy, Mark’s fantasy series for adults and young adults.

Machar’s Goal — To Steal Back The Scroll

When a druid disguised as a visiting scholar steals an ancient document holding the millennium’s-old secrets of the Tower of Dochás, a secret Capulum society again enlists young Machar. His mission? To find the thief and steal back the scroll. His new journey whisks him across the sea to a land where a druid cabal plans his death even before his ship lands. What’s at stake? Only the key to ending the Dark Age creeping across the Celtic world of Erde.

This fantasy novella is epic high fantasy, high action adventure. Though an introduction to the fantasy series, it’s also a stand-alone story.

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From Extraordinary Tales Publishing