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The Slaves Of Autumn Is On Pre-Order

My latest novel of Christian historical fiction, The Slaves Of Autumn, is now available for pre-order on Kindle. The print version will come out later. This stand-alone book is both a love story and an historical action adventure. It’s the third and final book in my series set in ancient, Celtic Ireland.

The Slaves Of Autumn

Release date:  7/1/2020

From Extraordinary Tales Publishing,

Ancient Pathways Imprint

When an Irish clan leader steals Anwyn from her Welsh home to barbarian Ireland in a raid intended to save the clan, her betrothed, a Roman patrician’s son, vows to bring her back. Meanwhile, an outcast druid receives visions that only the Great Light can save the clan, Anwyn develops feelings for her captor, and a mysterious red wolf, rumored to have come from the Otherworld, shadows and stalks both men

An Early Review from LeAnne Hardy

Author of The Wooden Ox, Keeping Secrets, Honddu Vale, Crossroads, Between Two Vales, and Glastonbury Tor

Despite the story’s romantic beginning, there is lots of page-turning action here as the last of Roman Britain meets the scourge of barbarian Ireland in this grand adventure. Macrath, ri tuath (king) of the Cinn An Tobair, has captured a group of Christian slaves from Britannia, among them the beautiful Anwyn, with whom he falls in love. Meanwhile Anwyn’s betrothed follows her to Ireland, and tension rises as we find ourselves in sympathy with both men in their pursuit of the young woman who may hold the key to lifting the curse on Macrath’s tribe. Macrath worries that the curse is his fault. Chief druid Ceallach believes it is because they have neglected the traditional human sacrifices, but another druid, the elderly Athairne, dreams that the curse will only be broken when they find the Great Light.

Both Roman and Celtic cultures easily become the stuff of romantic fairy tales, but Fisher grounds his story in the historical realities of the late fifth century, the time of the young St. Patrick. At the same time, he doesn’t neglect the spiritual battle that raged at the same time as the physical and political. An excellent read, full of history and spiritual warfare.