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Return To The Tower Available For Pre-Order

Return To The Tower Is Available For Pre-Order

My third book of epic high fantasy in the The Scepter and Tower Trilogy, Return To The Tower, is available for pre-order in both Kindle and paperback formats.

Having stolen Elyon’s second great gift, Tristan finds himself thousands of leagues from home, on the rumbling slopes of Drochcarn, in the land of the druids. To end the Deamhan Lord’s dark reign he must return the Scepter and the Augury to the Tower of Dochás. But ahead lie ancient horrors, enemy-occupied lands, and Faolukan’s ruthless ally—Gundovald, the Butcher of Burgundia. It’s a race to reach Ériu before Faolukan the arch druid arrives with his fleet of mesmerized soldiers and shapeshifters. Faolukan and the Deamhan Lord’s goal? To crush Ériu and its people once and for all.

This last book of epic high fantasy for young adults and adults will be released September 30. Click here to pre-order now.