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Quest For The Scepter — Available For Pre-Order

Quest For The Scepter — Available For Pre-Order

Quest For The Scepter, the first book in The Scepter And Tower trilogy, is now available for pre-order for Kindle. (The print version pre-order is coming soon.)

First In the Scepter and Tower epic high-fantasy trilogy

A Scepter Stolen. A World in Peril.

The prince who was prophesied to retrieve the Scepter from the Deamhan Lord has been killed. Can his exact double, a lowly blacksmith’s nephew named Tristan, take his place?

An Impossible Trek

Ahead lie the Fell Bogs, haunt of mesmerizing marsh spirits. Beyond that— the oppressive dark forest of the Waldreich, reign of misshapen wolves and the treacherous, treetop-dwelling Naz. Into such dangers and more, Tristan’s Company must follow a trail of ancient clues.

Tristan tells his life-long friend Caitir she must stay behind. But this intrepid lass has other ideas.

The Arch Druid Stands Against Them.

In service to the Deamhan Lord, the arch druid Faolukan pledges to stop the group with all the magic, sorcery, and monsters at his command, including Tristan’s worst fear—a dark, subterranean cavern where stalks the creature of shadows, the barghest whose name is Thrag.

Against such odds, how can a blacksmith’s nephew and a cooper’s daughter ever hope to end the coming darkness?

This high fantasy action adventure unfolds across continents on an epic scale.