Amazon Foul-Up. The Medallion Print Version—Withdrawn For Now.

Amazon Foul-Up — The Medallion Print Version Has Been Withdrawn

On Friday, Dec. 7, (a day of infamy) my publisher discovered that we were receiving no royalties from Amazon on the sale of The Medallion‘s print version. This happened after the merger of Amazon’s CreateSpace and KDP Print.

December 20 Update — Print Version On Its Way

Amazon is not fixing its problem. But within days we will be using IngramSpark to release a print version of the book, and it should be available through the Amazon portal. If not, my website will have a link. ( Please check back in a day or so.

Kindle Version Still Available

The Kindle version is still available.

All Print Pre-Orders Were Lost

A reminder: If you had pre-ordered a print copy of book, it will sit in limbo forever. My publisher had to use a new ISBN to get the print version from CreateSpace to KDP Print, and the pre-ordered book’s ISBN no longer exists. Because of this massive Amazon disaster, you must cancel any print pre-orders and try to order again later. In any event, this was just in time for Christmas. The Kindle version was not affected.