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The Sun Shines Even In Winter: A Novel of Invasion and Espionage In World War I

Mark’s latest novel of historical fiction, written for a general audience.

Christian End-Times Fiction

Days of the Apocalypse — A Five-Book Series

The world is racing at light-speed toward the end. The signs prophesied in the Bible accumulate almost daily. Chaos, anarchy, and lawlessness are sweeping the planet, and Jesus’s coming cannot be far off.

Mark’s bestselling series of Christian end-times novels, Days of the Apocalypse, closely follows the biblical prophecies in the books of Revelation, Matthew, Joel, Daniel, Ezekiel, and others. It focuses on the Rapture of the Church, the coming of the Antichrist, and the seven terrible years of the Tribulation.

  • Book 1: The Day the End Began
  • Book 2: Days of War and Famine
  • Book 3: Days of Trial and Tribulation
  • Book 4: Days of Death and Darkness
  • Book 5: Last Days of the End

The Day the End Began

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Margot’s paintings are stunning, terrifying, and prophetic. Within months, the end times predicted by the Book of Revelation will crash down upon the world.

But few believe her. . . .


Margot’s prophecies foretell a time of terrible trial and divine judgment. Are her visions a gift from God? Or a trick from the Great Deceiver?

When Dylan discovers her paintings, his life changes forever, and he joins her. But then people begin vanishing, and her paintings send the two on a divinely-inspired mission to thwart the Antichrist.


This Christian end-times suspense novel closely follows biblical prophecy and Christian teaching. But hold on tight.  Described as “edgy”, “up-to-date”, and “timely”, this novel follows the Rapture and the coming of the Antichrist.

It could happen in our lifetimes. We’ve never been closer to Jesus’s return than today. If it happens tomorrow, do you know what to expect?

Days of War and Famine

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Mark E. Fisher continues his best-selling series of Christian end-times novels, Days of the Apocalypse, with book #2, Days of War and Famine, and more seat-gripping suspense. . . .


In Rome, when the Antichrist invites Chelsea to an intimate dinner, his promises of wealth, power, and prestige threaten to ensnare her.

In Paris, as Dylan, Margot, and Caleb flee from Unitum Imperium agents, they meet the French ex-spy who promised them refuge. But he warns they’ve been followed, their mutual American friend has disappeared, and he doesn’t trust them.

In Heaven, the second seal is opened, unleashing the rider on the red horse and planet-wide war.

In the South China Sea, a Jewish gunner’s mate on a nuclear-armed destroyer joins the U.S. fleet as it blocks a belligerent Chinese navy sailing for Taiwan.

And in Israel, the Antichrist waits for Russia and the Islamic nations to invade, beginning the Battle of Gog and Magog.

Ahead lie the third seal and world-wide famine. Following that come the fourth and fifth seals—death for one quarter of the world’s population and persecution for all who refuse to follow the beast.

Can anyone survive the coming days without losing their life? Or their soul?

Days of Trial and Tribulation

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Book #3, Days of  Trial and Tribulation, is Mark E. Fisher’s third entry into his Days of the Apocalypse series of Christian end-times novels. Are you ready for more seat-gripping suspense? . . . .


In New Babylon, as Chelsea fears to take the mark of the beast, her father warns she must embrace the city’s hedonistic atmosphere or face the consequences.

In Minnesota, a raging fire, fed by the Two Witnesses’ drought, threatens the life Caleb and Tanya have made for themselves in the Northwoods.

In Marseille, after fleeing the farm, Dylan and the Nazarene Friends are on the run from Truth Squads while Dylan despairs that René will ever begin the search for Margot.

In the German death camp, Margot works deep in the mines. But if her barracks doesn’t make its quota of ore—the guillotines await.

And in Jerusalem, the Antichrist consolidates his grip on the world and prepares to place the abomination of desolation in the Temple.

The world reels as the Tribulation midpoint approaches. With it comes the terrors of the first four trumpet judgments—Volcanic eruptions. Asteroids. Poisoned waters. And darkened skies.

Days of Death and Darkness

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Book #4, Days of  Death and Darkness, is the fourth book in the Days of the Apocalypse series, taking our characters through the fourth and fifth years of the Tribulation . . . .


As the squaddies close in, will Caleb and Tanya make the dangerous, cross-country journey to the Sanctuary?

Can Chelsea leave Palma de Mallorca and reunite with her brother Dylan in Switzerland?

Will Dylan ever reach Bettino at his family’s villa in Tuscany and find out what happened to Chelsea?

Will Baruch complete his mission of bringing Jews and Christians safely to the Refuge, far from the Antichrist’s grasp?

Can Ariel Geller continue his black-market operation, and will he ever accept Christ and save himself from the wrath to come?

How will Grady fare in New Babylon as the next trumpet and bowl judgments fall upon the earth?

Mark’s fourth novel in this gripping end-times series takes our characters through the fifth and sixth years of God’s wrath on an unrepentant, sinful world.

Who will survive, and who will endure?

Last Days of the End

Available in eBook, Print, and Audiobook!

Last Days of the End is the thrilling conclusion to Mark E. Fisher’s his bestselling series of Christian end-times thrillers, Days of the Apocalypse.


The Antichrist’s death zone surrounds Jerusalem leaving the Nazarene Friends trapped in their hideout. Even if they could leave, they don’t know the way to the Refuge.

Their only hope for escape lies with Ariel Geller. But he’s in prison, scheduled for a coming execution.

Baruch Abramovich could help, and he is somewhere in the city, but they don’t know where.

As the Jericho Faction continues their revolt, Davato’s anger seethes against Jews and Christians everywhere. He now prepares to eliminate them all in the War of Armageddon.

It’s the seventh terrible year of the Tribulation, after which Christ will come again in all his glory, end Satan’s reign of evil, and establish his kingdom on earth.

But how can anyone survive the final months of burning heat, total darkness, and invasion by the greatest army the world has ever seen?